A smart personalization tool for your website

Vū is a recommendation engine that easily integrates with your site to recommend content and products to your visitors.

Personalize your site

Vū makes personal recommendations for your visitors, allowing them to truly discover content that is relevant to them.

Vū is easy to install

Vū will generate a small line of code for you to insert on your site. Click on the 'For Publishers' link at the top of this page to get started.

Your content becomes a part of the Vū network

With Vū on your site, your content will be exposed to Vūers around the world through Vu mobile.

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Whether you're looking at a small publisher site or a new blog, Vū works for you. Use the Vū bookmarklet to make the web yours.

Drag this to your bookmark bar.

Vu it

Make the Internet yours